Human Resources Management

The institution can manage their employees completely starting from their admission to leaves management, payroll assignment , payslips generation, vacation, bonus etc.


This module allows you to:

  • Quick and customizable admission form to upload the employee details in one go.
  • Bulk employee import option allows uploading details of employees in fractions of seconds. Payroll setup can be done for variations of earnings and deductions.
  • Instant amount changes in payroll is supported.
  • Payroll can be collectively assigned to employees sharing similar pay structure and frequency.
  • HR Admin or the employee with privileges can generate payslips based on payment frequency.
  • Separate privileges can be assigned for approval/rejection/ regeneration of payslip for employees.
  • Loss of Pay integration with automatic deduction calculation in employees’ payslip.
  • Ability to connect to your Fingerprint System.
  • Ability to record vacations, bonus, penalties, staff and salaries.
  • Grouping the staff that have the same time attendance.
  • Configuring the attendance for each group.