Grading System Management

EduFera grading system module makes recording and calculating grades simple and efficient. You can simply enter student grades and let EduFera do the rest


Teachers no longer have to spend hours poring over gradebooks, papers, reports, and calculators.EduFera does all of the calculations, updates, and reports associated with grading. This makes grading more efficient and reduces calculation errors.

This module allows you to:

  • Grouping students with the same subjects.
  • Configuring the reports required for each group.
  • Configuring Letter grades for each group.
  • Configuring the subject for each group.
  • Ability to create exam committees.
  • Ability to create secret numbers.
  • Ability to record the marks using to different datasheet formats.
  • Tracking reports.
  • About 25 different reports for grading system only.